Toaltomaria Palace, Dubai -

A nascent project, early in the company’s existence was commissioned in 2011 by an eccentric British client, based in Dubai. Part of the huge developments which have taken place within the Emirate, the Toaltomaira Palace was conceive on a grand scale and was designed from the outset to impress. Covering an impressive 12,000sqm, it is the largest and most luxurious residential project that we have currently embarked upon. We have however, designed much larger equestrian centre complexes. Designed for a funster gentleman, the building was design to maximise the entertainment and recreational aspects of his lifestyle. The ground floor features a vast entrance hall, with an accompanying dining hall, pool / spa complex, an exercise and gym area and a huge formal reception hall. The first floor contains five guest bedrooms, a theatre, a games room, a chapel, a throne room, two sitting rooms and an informal dining room. The second floor features a grand gallery, a library / study area, the master suite and nine guest bedrooms. Additionally, a series of grand staircases and gallery corridors, create a grandiosity as people travel throughout the building. On the north east side of the building, a wide range of servant’s rooms and service staircases serve the main house, without interfering or crossing the private, formal rooms. The building was specifically designed around a courtyard in a three-winged layout, to create an enclosure that can be used for outdoor performances such as operas, concerts, plays and sports. The south west side of the building has been formed to abut a manmade river, linked to the Persian Gulf. This allows the owner and his guests to sail down the waterway and to alight upon a private quay, with accompanying mooring points and a boathouse. The palace was also surrounded by a sumptuous garden containing rockeries, water features and parterres. The landscape was then enhanced by the inclusion of an outdoor theatre, two summerhouses, several pergolas and various classical statues.