Simeijan Palace, Dubai -

A further remarkable project was commissioned in the Dubai Emirate in 2015, with Swordsman Historic Architectural Design again being asked to develop a proposal for another enormous Palace complex. This time the building was to sit in a more isolated, desert location and to be more in keeping with the vernacular architecture of the Arabian Peninsula. After studying the local building styles, and consulting with structural engineers, it was decided that the building should be consist of an adobe plinth, two stories tall, with the upper floors to be built out of timber and sandstone. The appearance was specifically crafted in a sympathetic, Islamic style, featuring arcades, pergolas, ogee arches and filigree decoration. The ground floor contained halls, courtyards, gardens, arcades, store rooms and a huge garage. The higher floors contained reception rooms, living rooms, dining halls, kitchens, libraries, studies, a master suite and fifteen guest bedrooms. The western half of the complex featured a delightful, two story arcaded walkway, allowing occupant to enjoy the luxurious gardens, whilst being shielded from the hot Arabian sun. Adjoining the Palace, a walled, enclosed garden was created, featuring extensive plantings including parterres, water features and pergolas. The entire complex covered 40,400sqm, with the palaces internal rooms covering a huge 38,000sqm.