Design Process -

At Swordsman Historic Architectural Design, the stages of the design process that we are involved with, varies depending upon the requirements of each individual project. For some clients they merely require a set of planning drawings, for others they may need drawings for building regulations submission. For most projects however, we undertake the entire design phase, applying for the relevant planning and building regulations, and then following the project through to completion with project management supervision. The range of our works depends upon the requirements of the individual clients, and we are able to be flexible and adapt to the differing requirements of each project.

The typical design process usually involves these various stages;

1) The Initial Design Drawings

Showing the existing and proposed plans and elevations of the building. These are to ensure that the design accords with the clients wishes and are required as part of the planning process.

2) The Planning Application

Whereby we fill out the application form, write any supporting documents that are required and produce a location plan and a block plan, which are requirements for planning applications. We then submit to the relevant local councils.

3) The Building Regulations Drawings

These are much more complex drawings showing the material and construction build-up of the structure. This work is accompanied with two written documents. Firstly, a Building Specification outlining the construction materials, processes and requirements. Secondly a Schedule of Works outlining legal requirements, health and safety, CDM, building site etiquette and contractors requirements. As part of this phase, we also fill out the building regulations document and submit it to the relevant local councils.

4) Source Suppliers

We can if required, source suppliers, building contractors and engineers to assist with the design, specification and construction of the projects. We have over the years built built up a large and accomplished range of partners, who we liaise with through the design and construction phases.

5) Project Management

Some clients may wish us to undertake the project management of their builds, once the design phase is completed, to guide their works through to a successful conclusion. We have extensive experience of consulting with contractors, suppliers and local authorities, to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

6) Concept Design Sketches

For some projects, we can also produce concept design sketches to generate ideas and present the client with various options for their developments. If required we can produce concept design sketches to generate ideas and present the client with various options for their developments. We can also produce more formal presentation drawings, watercolours and rendered 3D computer models, to show the client how their proposals will look.

Additionally, there are fees to be paid to the local councils for the Planning and Building Regulations submissions. These vary depending on the size and types of works being proposed.